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What we offer 


We have four hygienists - Ann Birch, Liz Williams, Janet Matthews and Fiona Woodward - offering a hygiene service, fresh breath clinics and advanced periodontal treatment, including perio chips and full mouth pocket charting where appropriate.  We fully support those patients who need extra help in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Cosmetic Treatment

We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry.  This includes crowns, bridge work, porcelain veneers and inlays, posterior white fillings, composite inlays and tooth whitening. We also offer full mouth makeovers with accompanying before and after photos.

Headaches, Migraines, Clicking Jaw Joints (TMJ)

In some cases, headaches can be of dental origin. Amanda Strong has completed an advanced course on Occlusal Equilibration.  This looks at how your teeth bite together - if there is a problem with how your teeth meet you can get any of the above symptoms.  If you suffer from pain, severe clicking or really bad headaches ask to see Amanda  ( About a quarter of headaches may be caused by teeth that don't occlude properly)

Apprehensive Patients

All our nurses have extensive clinical chairside experience and we aim to put our patients at ease from the moment they arrive at the surgery. As the first point of contact with patients, all reception staff also have this approach to achieve a relationship based on empathy to help put our patients at ease.

We are sympathetic to all nervous and anxious patients. There are several ways to make treatment more pleasant such as hypnotherapy and pre-treatment sedation.  Please let either Reception or your dentist know if you need extra support.


We have a children's waiting room and encourage family check-ups on a regular basis. Our hygienist will give advice about good eating habits - you can't start too soon - and dental care for first teeth.  We also have three qualified Dental Nurses who are able to apply Fluoride Varnish.  This has been proven to protect teeth along with good oral hygiene and diet.  We also have a Dental Health Educator who works closely with all our Denplan children

Our Preventative Dental Unit - PDU - is for young people to show them how good diet and oral hygiene pays off with attractive teeth and healthy gums.


We provide Implants away from the practice using both Paul Knight in Wigton or Noel Perkins in Kendal.

Up to date Technology and Procedures

All the practice team have regular appraisals, personnel development plans and CPD log (continous professional development) inline with the General Dental Council guidelines.  Eight of the dental nurses are on the GDC Register and the remaining three are in training for their Dental Nurses exam in 2011 and 2012.  Three of our qualified Dental Nurses have also achieved a certificate that allows them to apply Fluoride Varnish on childrens teeth

Home Visits

If you are unable to attend the surgery for any reason we are able to offer home visits wherever possible.

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