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Patient comments and testimonials


"I came to see Amanda with crooked teeth and hated my smile - and I desperately needed a smile for my daughters wedding. The journey has been fabulous and pain free. Evidence based treatment is Amanda s working style,as well as a fabulous personality".




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  " I can't thank Amanda enough, not only for her skill, but for her re-assurance and excellent patient care, even though she told me it was straightforward procedure."

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"It must be difficult for dentist's who see so many patients and relatively infrequently to know their patients as individuals but we most definitely feel known and valued.  Upon entering the practice the reception staff are always welcoming and helpful and when 'in the chair' we always feel that our care and wellbeing is of paramount importance.  Everyone we have dealt with has been fantastic."

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"My wife and I have just returned from our first appointment at your practice.

I would like to commend you on both the professional way in which it runs while at the same time producing a relaxed atmosphere.  This is no mean feat in such a normally pressured environment.

Well done to you and all your staff."

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 School visits

" I would like to thank you for teaching us about our teeth and doing fun games like playing whos teeth are whos.  But the best game I liked was seeing how much sugar was in sugery foods"

from Ella

Dear Nurses,

I am writing to you to say thank you for your visit. I learned that four tea spoons of sugar, the fun activitity was the good and extreemly fun.  We learned to brush our teeth two times a day.

from Abbie

Other comments


On behalf of the friends of chernobyl's children charity, I would like to write and thank you for providing the dental treatment for the children from Belarus.  The children do not have access to the best dental care at home and so we really appreciate everything you do for them.   Friends of Chernobyl Childrens Charity


Many thanks to you and all of your team at St Helen's for your generous donation of £50 which you kindly donated in lieu of buying charity christmans cards.Calvert Trust


I am writing to thank you for your generous donation of £50 to Hospice at Home West Cumbria, given in lieu of sending Christmas cards.  Your contiued support of Hospice is greatly appreciated.

Hospice at Home, West Cumbria