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New Patients 

St Helen's dental practice now has three dentists and four hygienists covering the full five day week.  There are also a late evening session providing a full range of dental treatment.   The practice welcomes all new patients as private patients – fee per item, or any existing Denplan patients who have moved into the area.  If you are not a Denplan patient and are interested in the Capitation scheme the receptionists will be only too pleased to explain the procedure.  For further information about your first visit please look at the New Patient Journey.

All new patients recive a welcome pack in advance of their appointment. This has the Practice Information Leaflet, Terms of Business, Private Fees, the practice newsletter and a Medical History form

Just telephone reception on 01900 826210 for more information details and our practice welcome pack. Alternatively, please complete the form below and click on the "send" button.

Please Note:

We will be seeing only adults as Private or Denplan. Children only on NHS as from March 2006

The New Patient Journey

Moving to a new practice can be a very stressful experience. For some patients regular attendance to their dentist has been a cause for some anxiety so a new practice with new team members and dentists and hygienists can be a daunting challenge. We understand that the degree of nervousness varies and so we have decided to have Care Co-ordinators at our practice. We have five who are fully qualified dental nurses plus a Dental Health Educator and some with further qualifications. It is their job to introduce you to the practice. They will welcome you in reception, introduce you to the reception team and show you around the Practice. You will then go to the Consultation Suite where you and your Care Co-ordinator can discuss your appointment with your dentist. There is NO CHARGE for this appointment.

It is this meeting that you will learn what the first visit entails. To check that you have received your welcome pack and to try to help with any questions you may have relating to that. Your Care Co-ordinator will encourage you to discuss what you expect from your visit on that day. If you have any problems or worries they can also be noted. Our total commitment to prevention through our team of highly skilled dental hygienists will also be discussed.

Finally with your permission the Care Co-ordinator will take a few photographs to record your mouth on that day. These are confidential and will only be given to your dentist. We find that these can help patients see if there is a problem in your mouth or if there is a tooth that may need treatment. All the details of this meeting are then passed to your dentist who will be able to treat you knowing any issues in advance.

Following your appointment with your dentist you will be offered the chance of discussing any treatment queries you may have with your Care Co-ordinator who will also take you to reception and help you arrange any future appointments.

We have been doing this for a few years now and the feedback from patients is very favourable. Everyone had appreceiated the extra care and the chance to talk in a relaxing atmosphere outside of the surgery.

Our aim is to make your first appointment as enjoyable and unstandable as possible.

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